The Pencilest is a full size 2.0mm mechanical pencil which collapses down to the size of a disposable lighter. Made from anodised CNC aluminium; it's durable enough to live on your keyring or in the bottom of your bag as the perfect EDC tool – always ready to break out when creativity or inspiration strike. Create anything, anywhere. No ink, no batteries, no boundaries.

When we set out to create our 5th Kickstarter project we had a simple criteria in mind – it had to be functional, it had to empower people to create, and it had to be well manufactured. We focused on the things that make us love the products we love, and the EDC (every day carry) community is the one that came up most. We were conscious that whatever the design process led to, it had to be tough, it had to have an attractive simplicity that made people want it on their person, and it had to perform a function not currently catered for on a smart phone.

The Pencilest is a first, a fully functioning mechanical pencil which collapses down inside it's own aluminium protective casing. The 2.0mm lead is durable enough to withstand being tossed around in a bag or attached to a belt loop, and gives a lot of scope for drawing, sketching or note taking. 

As creatives, travelling without something to write with is always difficult, if our phone batteries die – the first thing we reach for is a pencil and paper. Whether it's to sketch some ideas, write out some lyrics, or even make a shopping list for dinner, the ability to create is something very important. The Pencilest provides this in a super compact form that is always ready – it has no ink to run dry and no batteries to run out, just a simple mechanical mechanism in a well designed, beautifully proportioned casing.

We looked into our favourite tactile experiences and found the act of taking out a good fountain pen, and screwing the lid onto the end marked the sign of quality! And provided a nice tiny ritual before beginning work – this inspired the layout of The Pencilest – stored inside it's own casing, which is then screwed into the back, doubling the length to that of a traditional pencil, and replicating the heavy balanced feel of a fine pen. Lots of sketching and 3D design followed to work out a way to shrink a pencil down to half the size, without losing the mechanical action or limiting the function of the product. 

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